International Students, Scholars, & Medical Doctors

Our team of immigration professionals has extensive experience in providing legal advice for international students, scholars, and medical doctors, including:

  • Nonimmigrant Extension of Stay and Change of Status
  • F-1 OPT Applications
  • STEM I-983 Preparation
  • F, J, & M Consular Visas
  • Applications to Change Status to F-1 with bridge filings
  • Implications of Unlawful presence with D/S
  • Reinstatement for F-1 status
  • NTA following student or scholar violation
  • Strategies for transition from student to temporary worker
  • J-1 waivers of the two-year foreign residency requirement
  • Conrad 30 Waivers for Physicians
  • National Interest Waivers
  • ICE Holds – Immigration Detention
  • Immigration implications in Criminal Matters
  • Health Care Worker Certifications
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility

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Our Practice Areas

Immigration law is complicated and can be very difficult to navigate. We are committed to representing employers and foreign nationals in all areas of immigration law. With significant and comprehensive experience, our team strives to deliver the best possible service at a fair price.


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