Employment-Based Visas & H1-B Permit

Our immigration attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of employment-based immigration to help employers attract, hire, and retain the best global talent, including:

  • EB-1 Visa for Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors and Researchers, or Multi-National Executives or Managers
  • EB-2 Visa for Advanced Degrees or Exceptional Ability and National Interest Waivers
  • EB-2 and EB-3 PERM for Professionals and Skilled Workers
  • Special Handling PERM for teaching positions at colleges and universities
  • Religious Workers: U.S. immigration law provides for two categories of immigrant visas for religious workers: Ministers and Certain Religious Workers
  • EB-5 Investor Visas: Under this program, entrepreneurs (and their spouses and unmarried children under 21) are eligible to apply for a green card (permanent residence) if they make the necessary investment in a commercial enterprise in the United States; and plan to create or preserve 10 permanent full-time jobs for qualified U.S. workers.
  • H-1B Visas are temporary visas that employers use to hire foreigner workers in specialty occupations such as in IT, finance, accounting, architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, medicine, etc. The foreign worker must have a least a bachelor’s degree and the job must require that degree.
  • H-2A Visas allow U.S. employers to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill seasonal and temporary agricultural jobs for which U.S. workers are not available.
  • H-2B Visas allow U.S. employers to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary non-agricultural jobs for which U.S. workers are not available.
  • L-1 Visas for intracompany transferees for managerial or specialized knowledge positions
  • O and P Visas are for those with an extraordinary ability in a particular field, including artists, athletes, performers, etc.
  • TN Visas are for citizens of Canada and Mexico, as NAFTA professionals, to work in the United States in prearranged business activities for U.S. or foreign employers.
  • Employer Compliance and I-9 Audits: We can advise you on how to remain in compliance with state and federal employment laws and maintaining up-to-date I-9 forms for all employees.

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